Our Founder and President, Dr. Bob Rodgers

Founded by Dr. Bob Rodgers, the purpose of Church Growth International of the Americas is to help bring church growth through the power of the Holy Spirit to North, Central and South America. CGI of the Americas is not a denomination or just another organization.

It is a fellowship with a mission to evangelize our cities and nations with the supernatural power of God. To do this we must unite in fellowship with like-minded believers and leaders.

CGI of the Americas will provide fellowship, but our mission and purpose is to strengthen and strategize as a body. We recognize the spiritual principle that one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight.


Our Structure

The organizational structure of CGI of the Americas is under the direction of Dr. Cho, International Chairperson and Spiritual Father. The international board members from Canada, United States, Central and South America will make up the National Board of the Church Growth International of the Americas.

The National Directors have the authority to appoint regional directors, persons who have proven leadership and networking abilities. The National Directors and Regional Directors will provide discipleship and leadership development according to their chosen structure. Their network will also come under the spiritual blessing and church growth anointing of Dr. Cho. CGI of the Americas acknowledges that reaching nations and continents for God requires a special anointing of the Holy Spirit. God has released that anointing on Dr. Cho. We believe there is a portion of Dr. Cho’s anointing being released on this fellowship to reach multitudes for God.


Board of Directors

Dr. Bob Rodgers


Dr. Bob Rodgers is the senior Pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY with a membership of over 9,000 believers. He is also president of Word Broadcasting Network in Louisville, KY. Bob and his wife, Margaret, co-host a Christian program called Word Alive. Word Broadcasting Network owns and operates 12 radio stations, AM, FM, short wave, and Channel 21 in Louisville.

He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Reverend Rodgers’ ministry has touched lives around the world. He received a Doctorate in Ministries from ORU in May 2002. He has ministered in 40 nations around the world including: South Korea, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa. Pastor Rodgers also speaks in many churches and conferences throughout the United States.

Although he is known for his excellent seminars on prayer and fasting, many have been led into the baptism of the Holy Spirit through his teaching ministry. He is the author of several books including, The 21 Day Fast.

Cleddie Keith

Vice President

For the past 23 years, Pastor Keith has served as senior pastor at Heritage Fellowship, located in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Under Pastor Keith's leadership, ministries have been birthed around the world. Called "a pastor's pastor," Pastor Cleddie has hosted Hungry Preachers meetings for more than 25 years. Recognized as an apostolic figure, he has been a frequent guest speaker at national and international conferences in the USA and many nations around the world. The heart of his message is to hear what the Lord is saying to the Church, and to spur pastors on to contend for true revival. Pastor Keith's ministry is both candid and powerful.

After earning his BA in Ministry from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, Pastor Kevin McKnight began full time ministry at Evangel World Prayer Center in 1984. Kevin has held many positions at EWPC including; summer day camp director, youth pastor, director of evangelism, and associate pastor. Pastor McKnight graduated from Southern Baptist Seminary in 1988 with a Masters of Divinity. Kevin served as extension pastor at Evangel North in Clarksville, Indiana for 8 years. He currently serves as Executive Pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center.

Kevin is married to Robyn who serves Administrator of CGIA. They have three children; Lauren, Lindsay, and Robert, and three grandchildren, Charlie, Paisley, and Blakeley.

Kevin McKnight

Board Member

Evon has been the pastor of Brownsville Assembly since September 2006. He is leading a charge with area pastors to make an impact in this community. 

He grew up in a Methodist church and received a dramatic infilling of the Holy Spirit. Upon leaving the Methodist church he pastored Mississauga Gospel Temple. The church grew to one of the largest in Canada with weekend attendance of over 2,000 in six services in four languages. Most recently he has served as President of Master’s College and Seminary in Toronto, Canada.

He is a transplanted Canadian with a Doctor of Ministry, Master's of Divinity, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with over thirty years of ministry experience.

Dr. Evon Horton

Board Member

Mike Campbell

Board Member

Mike Campbell is the Lead Pastor of Trinity Algood in Algood, Tennessee. Through his leadership he has directed over 40 ministries, many of which were newly formed to help facilitate the growth of the church. 


One of his main focuses has been the formation of an Evangelism Outreach Program. Equipped with a ministry truck, it became a vital part of the evangelism arm of the church appropriately called “Takin' it to the Streets.”

Mike and his wife, Jaida, believe in the family of God and the family unit. Together they have hosted marriage retreats, conferences, and small groups so that families can thrive and not just survive in today’s world.

Pastor Brian Gibson grew up in the small town of Providence, KY. In his teenage years he found himself trapped in drug culture, but in 1998 he encountered the freeing message of Jesus Christ.


He became committed to a local church in Amarillo, Texas where he was given a firm foundation and met his wife, Jessi.

Brian has a degree in theology from Oral Roberts University. Prior to founding River City Church, Brian served as an associate pastor, traveled as a speaker, taught in a school of ministry, and worked with Franklin Graham festivals.


In 2004, Brian felt it was time to launch into a new chapter of life in Owensboro, KY. What started as a small group studying the Bible is now a place that over one thousand people call home. River City Church was named by Outreach Magazine as one the fastest growing churches in the nation. 

Brian Gibson

Board Member

Chuck Brewster

Executive Director

Chuck served for 23 years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. Upon retirement in 1998, Chuck was the National Director of Men's Ministry for the General Council of the Assemblies of God. He created a highly effective ministry to men at a denominational level for seven years and was on the board of National Coalition of Men’s Ministries (NCMM).


In 2005, Chuck moved to Pensacola, FL and founded Champions of Honor , a new concept for ministry to men. Serving as the President, he structures a plan of focused ministry to men to grow the masculine foundation of the church. Based upon his extensive executive security and ministry history, he also consults with numerous churches on church security issues. 

Gary Brothers

Board Member

Gary Brothers is the Senior Pastor at Cape First, one of the fastest growing churches in Southern Missouri. His goal is to go into every person’s “world” and preach the gospel anyway possible. This goal led to the creation of a television ministry “Discovering Life” that is viewed in five states. It also led to the transition of Cape First from a program-based church to a cell-based church; Net-Works.

Gary has has been a pastor for more than 25 years. He also has traveled to over 20 countries encouraging leaders and ministering in large conferences, crusades, and colleges. Pastor Gary and his wife Rose are founders of Vision of Hope International, a missions-focused evangelistic organization, and Pure Word Communications. They have two daughters and two grandchildren.

Dr. Jim Horvath

Board Member

Dr. James Horvath has been the Lead Pastor of Calvary Lighthouse Church since 1987 in Rochelle, IL., and the founder of JHM. CLC is a thriving "regional church" made up of people who come from 55 surrounding cites. 

JHM is the international extension of Dr. Horvath's ministry. JHM has held Greater Miracle Crusades (averaging 7,000 - 15,0000 in attendance), Schools of Revival, Youth & Children's Crusades in over 100 cities in 15 countries including The Philippines, New Zealand, Europe, Israel, Ghana, Togo, Cameron, Congo DRC, Ireland, Belgium, Mexico, and in the U.S.

Dr. Horvath earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Oral Roberts University.

Pastor McCamey is the Senior Pastor at The Bridge Ministries (Indianapolis, IN). He is a dynamic and anointed preacher. The elements which make his messages unforgettable include humor, compassion, deeply rooted Biblical convictions, and unique ways of illustrating the meaning of Scriptural phrases, parables, and promises.With this ability to communicate the gospel with power and charisma, he touches countless lives of all ethnic origins.

Jerry McCamey

Board Member

Walter Hallam

Board Member

Senior Pastor Walter Hallam has been actively serving the Lord since his youth. He knew at an early age that God had called him to preach. Still, he ministered as layman in his local church until 1985.


God then placed in his heart to move with his wife, Cindy and children to Texas City, Texas and begin a church.

Pastor Hallam, a powerful and dynamic speaker, ministers the good news of the Gospel with authority. He operates effectively in the gifts of the Spirit through the gifts of healing, faith, miracles, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and prophecy. Having a strong apostolic anointing, Pastor Hallam is often referred to as a "pastor to pastors."


Ordination with CGIA

Hundreds of people become ordained through CGIA every year. Do you have a call on your life for ministry?


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